Oversize Load Mod


Whats New:
-Some bugs are fixed.
Add the game Oversizeload Trailer tested version: 1.3.1 –

Authors: Benben, KacaK


28 thoughts on “Oversize Load Mod

  1. does it work fine when you get to a toll?

    1. Yes, but u have to pay the toll, back up, and get going about 10mph to get the trailer through. Otherwise the gate will slam into the trailer.

  2. What bugs are fixed? Collision?

  3. roadrunner

    nope collision still the same AI go’s right through the middle to tell the truth i cant really se whats changed but then i have only tryed one load!!!!!! but if that was anything to go by then its all the same

  4. szetland1971

    tj. fragment z Schwerlast_trailer
    kolejna nie Twoja rzecz.
    wycinasz kawałkami z innych modów tak jak
    MB Interior Mod with Real Logos Mod

    that is part of Schwerlast_trailer
    another is not your thing.
    cutting out pieces from other modes such as
    MB Interior Mod with Real Logos Mod

  5. The mod is very good , but in short corners you will jam 🙂 with the load

  6. I see only #### graphics and no changes to the mod , if you are going to make a mod lile this do it right in my country we make the blades and transport them bye truck :
    1. route is planned for you already ok`d bye transport department.
    2: you are in the company of a transport safety vehicle ahead and behind usually a toyota 4 wheel drive fitted with lights and large signs , a speed limit will be placed on the heavy load vehicle.

    3. your route will take you directly to destination , usuing only roads capable of taking the load .

    this mod is a farce , although the idea is good , traffic still don’t see past origanil trailer used .

    1. marco kortekaas

      dude, i like youre idea 😀

      1. ty , but this is what happens in my country when when transport overlenght/weight loads etc ,if some one can recommend a program to mod for ets2 I might have a crack at it , this mod is awesome idea I down loaded afer watching the vid but no brakes in reverse so delted again

    2. The pilot vehicles you speak of are not in the game, so someone would have to make a suitable vehicle with warning signs and flashing orange lights as well as program them to follow and lead the player’s truck. You’re welcome to try.

      Also these trailers replace standard trailers in game and therefore use whatever routes were already assigned to those trailers. If you use original map (or even alot of the user made maps) there will be some places where these long trailers may get stuck due to the increased turning circle of the longer length trailer.

      This could be minimised by having the trailer wheels turn (in real life controlled remotely by the driver of the trailing pilot vehicle).

      You’re welcome to try making the trailer have wheels that can turn (steer) but I dont believe it’s possible.

      1. cant we add trailers to the game instead of replacing trailers I thought this game was about allowing mods, if they replace trailers I am not going near them , hope they fix this on next update if this true

        1. Yes, you can.

  7. marco kortekaas

    dude, i like/love youre idea 😀

  8. soz for spam but in my country you are not aloud to transport 2 wind generator props unless they are both standing on edge

  9. hello i can’t find this load please help me

  10. Pleeeeeaaaasss can you make this mod working for the 1.4.1 Patch Thanks you so match

    1. i am using it on 1.4.1 but it always crashes at only one point of the map

      1. you gave me then dwnld it :/

  11. Not working on 1.4.8

  12. Cool mod mate will test it, id put that other mirror up if i were u lol!

  13. Argosy2013

    Right after more testing.. i have found then when you get jammed on a corner and cannot nulify the situation, and you call for assistance, the trailer will bounce around for a while and then be perched on of all places the service centres surrounding fences, lol was quite funny but annoying, im guessing thats the collision bug, fixed by removing the mod but i this is patched and some of the trailers are redesigned will be keen to try it again

  14. does it work on 1.2.5

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  16. Jim van Ruiten

    If i do my turning lights on. I didn’t see it on the ground is that a mod or a uodate?

  17. dzsiblend


  18. Mod does not work! It just crashes the game during loading! Completely worthless!

  19. tothjanos69

    Mi van olyankor mikor a túl hosszú szállítmányt nem lehet fel venni van rola képem is de ide hova rakjam . vagy a másik felakad a hajó és a rámpa közzé és nem lehet levinni a hajóra?

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