Own Trailers (Beta 40 Trailers) 27c

It is just Beta version with 40 trailers paintjobs.

Other 81 paintjobs are comming soon but I need your help to make it fast and easy. If you want to join me and help me contact me ( https://www.facebook.com/27COfficial ) . If you join me you just only change numbers in text files but your name will be in mod’s creators list.

27C ( Sandro Tchavtchavadze )


3 thoughts on “Own Trailers (Beta 40 Trailers) 27c

  1. ### is that??? 427mb???
    What for? Only Skins from the Game
    Too big ?

    1. Error: You made a SCS. Not good.
      I´ve just made a zip-Archive.
      Result: 55.1mb 😉

      1. Size will be changed when I finish full mod. Images size are really big and I will solve this problem.
        And if you know how to make own-trailers make it , but without edit, make new pack and show us.
        I’m waiting for your reply 🙂

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