Volvo 750 hp Blue Multiplayer

Requires DLCs
_Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack & DAF Tuning Pack
_Michellin Fan Pack
_Wheel Tuning Pack
_ 750hp engine
_Transmission speed 6 secret


By Tupac-Boy


5 thoughts on “Volvo 750 hp Blue Multiplayer

  1. arthur brandhoff

    it is not working

    1. Do you have all the DLC?
      If not, it works not.
      But the Author should tell this in his Description. 🙁

      1. Tupac-Boy

        it is very clear the dlc it requires .. and if you do not have those dlc it will not work that is very obvious

      2. Tupac-Boy

        dime tu eres la mujer del pueblo q andas metida en todas partes …por que no sales a pasear y haces amigos bobo

  2. will you give me a link to this fashion?

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