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This is my mod for testing, only for 1.32 version of the game.
Edit flatbed owned trailer
addons for flatbed only
this mod is for testing, may need some DLC’s to work.
rearbumper is w.i.p. so no need to report.
please report problems here, no request please on my other mods
only about this mod.

greetz Zeeuwse Trucker

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS


35 thoughts on “Owned Flatbed Trailer Edit

  1. Thank you!

  2. Can it be done so that the beacon on the trailer only when you turn on the truck

    1. zeeuwse_trucker

      it should be?

      1. when i have the lights off the Beacon runs

      2. Good Morning, zt,
        thank you for this very good Trailer.

        I´ve tested the Trailer and everything works perfect.
        Beacons as should with Button “o”, Lights and any Modification possible also.

        “when i have the lights off the Beacon runs”
        You´ve trying the “o” Button? With or without Lights? For me it works perfect.

        1. then the mod has not really fit with me in the game when I turned on the truck and the normal light was the beacon just with no reason why why and why

          1. zeeuwse_trucker

            read above thank you, i no about the rearbumper.

  3. Why do you use 8×4 chassis with normal trailer 😐

    1. zeeuwse_trucker

      well as you can see, i work on that too, truck tuning.

  4. robertthetrucker

    is there being worked on a crane on the back of the trailer?

    would be cool to see one on the back so you ”can pick up” stone

    1. zeeuwse_trucker


  5. zeeuwse continue the good work mate.

  6. Nice trailer and good made.. just a bug, the fale shadow under the trailer is from the 2 axle trailer

  7. paint wheels?

    1. zeeuwse_trucker


  8. REVIEW:

  9. “this mod is for testing, may need some DLC’s to work.”
    which dlc?

  10. Timkoerhuis

    Hi zeeuwse trucker are you goeing to add a brick crane to this trailer and maby a 3 axle spread trailer for some more realistic gameplay with bricktrailers

  11. Richard Bakker

    Is dit misschien een optie om er op te modden van achter?


    1. zeeuwse_trucker

      dat zou gaaf zijn, maar het wordt die van de maters trailer.

  12. good job man thanks for sharing

  13. Richard Bakker

    Btw de kentekenplaat is niet te zien 😀
    Hangt ergens in de lucht

    1. zeeuwse_trucker

      bedankt, was me nog niet opgevallen.

  14. zeeuwse_trucker

    thank you all for the feedback, working on the update now.

  15. zeeuwse_trucker

    Work is in progress, i am working on the trailer, beacon and strobe flashers, rework all the cargo so it fit’s on my trailer body, work on the shadows, work on the crane in different variants difficult with the cargo. painted wheels….so far a lot of work, so please be patient i try as quick as i can in little time that i have…..just want to do it right.
    greetz Zeeuwse Trucker
    need atleast two weeks to finish the job

  16. Hi ! Don’t work for me, i don’t have texture on flatbed, it’s transparent. Do you have idea ?

  17. I expect the back covers to come man ? 🙂

  18. dus zegmaar ik heb een vraagje over de rjl mods zou u er mis een nieuwe versie kunnen uitbrengen van de extra rjl modificaties met alle tuning mogelijkheden van uw eigen Scania mod

    Mvg stef

  19. zou je ook gewoon de scs bestand en plaats van zip bestand ik kan geen zip open

    1. Je kunt de zip file gewoon in je mod map zetten, wordt door het spel automatisch geopend in-game.

    2. Zet de zip file gewoon in je mod map.

      1. als ik de zip bestand open zie ik geen scs bestand staan doe kan ik hem dan in me mod map zeten

        1. aleen sii-bestand zie ik staan

  20. Richard Bakker

    Is deze al klaar?

  21. will it be updated to 1.34 or 1.35?

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