p.j.hoogendoorn and wigmore vtc stone trailer pack 1.28

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Dont re-upload ore rape the mod ore skin, thanks!

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share all the pic and movies ,

do you wanna drive for us , go to the p.j.hoogendoorn vtc and wigmore vtc page.

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5 thoughts on “p.j.hoogendoorn and wigmore vtc stone trailer pack 1.28

  1. why no new file name?
    this way it´s a replacement to your first one.

    i can do it myself, but i think not many more know how to do it.

    just a tip. 😉

  2. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.28

  3. JohnnyBoy59

    This is a trailer. not a skin 😉

  4. really?
    this trailer is the same one like the one before, but with another company name at the side.
    but, the def files are the same like the first one. that means, if you enable both in your modmanager, it will show up always one, because both has the same file names. you understand?

    anyway. i will not use this one, because there are errors in the log. they did paints at parts which not support mipmaps.

    i cloned for my personal use the first one once more. its really a very nice trailer and i like to see him more often in traffic. 🙂

  5. bij+mij+doet+hij+het+niet

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