P8 Light Pack

This pack contains several mods reworks what i have mads it,s recommended to use RJL,s Scania and p8 scania mod with this light pack.



5 thoughts on “P8 Light Pack

  1. Fake!

    Reupload from a mod stealer and mod is not the “new” version.

    Still the same that still works since a couple of ETS2 Versions.

    And it’s not uploaded from powerkasi.

    1. scania_dragon

      agree, it’s version 1.3.1 from dec 12. 2017. all folder are the same. it’s only repacked!

  2. pilotchaos31

    I wish powerkasi will make P8 addons for Scania Torpedo.

    1. James M Phillips

      you need to download jetta2000 addons then

  3. plz update to 1.35.x-1.36.x

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