Pack USA Trucks ETS2 1.34.x

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Pack Adds In Game, Traffic And Quick Job All Trucks From Ats:
Kenworth T680
Kenworth W900
Peterbilt 579
Peterbilt 389

Version Of Trucks From Term99
Kenworth T660
Kenworth T800
Kenworth T600

Test. Ets2 V 1.34
Buy : Daf

YanRed, SCS, mario1961, term99


17 thoughts on “Pack USA Trucks ETS2 1.34.x

  1. I think it’s wrong to put all the trucks together, the t800 has problems, and also you put the dlc of ats what is piracy.

    1. creo eres bobo

    2. ya se ha venido publicando desde años atras si no te gusta no lo descargues y muere en paz saludos xd

      1. lo siento pero nadie en su sano juicio va a descargar un mod que ocupa 8 gb. Primero aprende a optimizar mods como es debido y entonces los subes. Mientras tanto, modders como tu no son bienvenidos en esta comunidad. Esto no es un mod, es simplemente basura, lo siento.

  2. KENWORTH T660!!! Thank you so much!!I never forget you!! and can i ask onething?
    KENWORTH T660 by Frank-peru? or another modder?

  3. Peterbilt 389 is bugged, the entire truck shakes and jumps around in the world (and doesn’t accelerate properly) perhaps due to some issue with the model’s grounding or baseline/datum reference or who-knows-what.

    Naming convention in “lights.sii” causes a conflict between the standard Lumen Chrom rounded floodlight — after playing around with it, it appears that for some reason my game gets confused due to “light1.addon_hookup” vs “light10.addon_hookup” in the addons — however, renaming all appropriate references to something like “lightA10.addon_hookup” fixed the conflict. If you’re experiencing this, you can use a text editor to find-and-replace in files within “def” folder via directory-based text search. (Be careful not to replace the two references within “t99_lights2.sii” that contain that same text string within a longer string — for example one of them is “ac_light10.addon_hookup” which you need not change.) Stick the updated def folder back in the archive and you’re all set. It’s best to directly change the main mod (as opposed to placing a higher-priority “mini-mod”) in order to eradicate that naming “conflict” altogether.

    Other than that, all the trucks, accessories, and engine sounds are sweet.

  4. serena_bbd

    something is wrong with peterbilt 389 and the 720 hp engines no sound (kw t800)

    1. Serena, if you know how you can go into the archive under def/vehicle/truck/###WHATEVER TRUCK YOU’RE DEALING WITH###/engine — inside the appropriate .sii file for the specific engine(s) you can point to a different sound file.

      Or, you can poke around and see if there’s a naming error with the “def” sub-directories and files.

      If I find the time I might do a little investigating myself — if I see the error I’ll come back here and define it.

    2. I found the problem with the Cummins 720 hp engine having no sound. It’s a typo in one of the .sii files.

      To fix it, in the mod’s archive navigate to the following directory:


      Open the file: isxs_720.sii

      Near the top there’s a line that reads:
      accessory_engine_data : isxs_700.kenworth.t800.engine

      Change the “700” to “720” so that it is now as follows:
      accessory_engine_data : isxs_720.kenworth.t800.engine

      That will now allow the proper sound file to recognize this particular engine type as “suitable.” (It’s a two-way street between engine files and engine-sound files.)

      1. Zeke54545

        Also be aware that if you already have the 720 installed you need to swap out engines again to get it to work.

      2. Also, be aware that if you already have the 720 installed you will need to swap out engines again to get the sound to work, as the old engine installation is already permanently “assigned” its sound characteristics (or lack of).

  5. Also there’s an apparently unnecessary folder “city” that screws up the dealerships in those cities it contains files for. You can simply go into the archive and change the folder name to disable it — I don’t believe it has any use whatsoever in this game. It calls out those cities as being “usa” dealerships which basically breaks the dealerships in those cities.

    Some extremely nice content in this mod, as well as some extremely sloppy bugs.

  6. Additionally, the problem with the Peterbilt 389 bouncing around in the world, is due to the collision file (truck.pmc) in the directory vehicle\truck\peterbilt_389\.

    If you can find a clean collision file for this truck, somewhere, then just stick that in there instead.

    Lastly for those that do not know, there’s a physics mod inserted into this larger mod — the “physics.sii” changes several of the vanilla-game characteristics (nothing really profound). If you want vanilla-game physics make sure such a file is not in any of your mods’ “def/vehicle” directory, or simply extract the vanilla physics file from SCS vanilla def directory and make a higher-priority “mini mod” out of it with the correct directory structure.

    1. Help please. I can not figure it out addon_hookup

  7. ETS2
    The T660 makes road disappearing bugs.
    I stopped the tests there
    I had to transfer the mod to get a truck on the road.

  8. Why modders these days keep saying “test on XXXX” when apparently they NEVER EVER test anything at all? do they even look at the consol? god, this mod has so many problems… its ridiculous. Please the guy who did this mod, leave the mod community and make us a favor.

  9. Im sorry but the whole pack is about 8 GB ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! not in hell imma going to download this. Either you put each truck in a separate pack or this is ridiculous. I mean, almost more than 1 gb per truck.. insane. Sorry this is not a mod, this is a disaster.

    Please its about time you modders start actually learning HOW TO MAKE decent mods and stop wasting our time. Heck the pack is even bigger than the whole game, ridiculous. I cant even imagine how badly optimized this is gonna be lol. Well, not even going to bother to try so i will never know.

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