Paintable Andreas Schubert Transporte Skin 1.1 for Scania S

This is a paintable skin based on the Andreas Schubert Transporte Scania S. The lightbox skin for DavyBerto’s lightbox is included.

What has been changed in 1.1?
– fixed sunshield skin not being completely paintable, added a skin for the Schwarzmüller DLC trailer

– Big Lightbox by DavyBerto
– 50K addons
– Abasstreppas’s wheelpack
– Red & yellow accessories by ZERO922
– Lobar sideskirts by HorseeHorse Modding

NOTE: None of them is required for the skin to work correctly!

Tested on 1.37.

Have fun! ?

DavyBerto, TheNuvolari


4 thoughts on “Paintable Andreas Schubert Transporte Skin 1.1 for Scania S

  1. very nice!!! can you increase the quality of the skin on the track? visible pixels (

    1. truck*

  2. Ersin Yemisen

    keine Download ist schaden ich hete gerne die link grüße aus Bayern Augsburg R.I.P anderas schubert wir Verden dich vermissen mein bester freund

  3. link down!!!!

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