Paintable Kraemer Transport Reuver Skin for Scania S

This is a paintable skin based on the Reuver Transport Scania S. Also compatible with Eugene’s Scania S and its low-deck addons by Sogard3. The 50K addons mod is required if you want the lightbox skin!

Have fun! 😉

Eugene, Sogard3, TheNuvolari


5 thoughts on “Paintable Kraemer Transport Reuver Skin for Scania S

  1. Please skin RJL

    1. TheNuvolari

      Do they have previous-gen Scanias?

  2. ismail ozdemir

    is it suitable for 8×4 chassis ?

    1. TheNuvolari

      I don’t know what line I need to add in the .sii files to make it compatible, maybe if I’ll update it.

  3. I like skin same but want RJL
    Please much

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