Paris Rebuild v3.3

This mod rebuilds Paris.

Key Features
New roads built
Closed roads rebuilt and opened
Paris landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame)
Three additional companies
Vegetation removed from Paris & Poissy revealing the buildings and skylines
Directly connects Porte de Bagnolet, Poissy and Gonesse
RATP buses added to Paris city traffic
Increased traffic density (Paris only)
Provides northern east/west corridor across France
Separate mods for base ETS2 map and Promods

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.47

France DLC required

Place above other maps in Mod Manager

Compatible with Promods and many other maps

Changes in v3.3
Updated for 1.47
Separate mods for base ETS2 map and Promods



3 thoughts on “Paris Rebuild v3.3

  1. John Zimmermann

    O my god its a #### download link page, no download but it full of spam
    and mcafee sayes your computer is infectet ####.
    ??? why do you lock the download Grimes.
    do you think it`s funny ???

    1. Trucker_Schmitt is one of the best and clean download-sites. And after hundreds (!) of downloads over the time I never have got any problem there.

  2. Charro Logistics

    Took some time before I understood that there are 2 download links, one for the promods version, and one without promods.

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