Paw Patrol Mod (BETA 0.3) [ETS 2 1.38.X]

his mod is only for 1.38.x of Ets 2
this mod is a mod ho add skins for the characters of paw patrol for box trailer and all trucks.

-BETA 0.3:
-add skin of pup skye for box trailer.
-BETA 0.6:
-add skins of pup Rocky for box trailer.
-BETA 0.9:
-add skins of pup marshall for box trailer.
-BETA 1.0:
-add skins of the tree pups for the truck MAN TGX
-BETA 1.3:
-add skins of pup chase for box trailer and truck MAN TGX
-BETA 1.6:
-add skins of pup zuma for box trailer and truck MAN TGX
-BETA 1.9:
-add skins of pup everest for box trailer and truck MAN TGX
-BETA 2.0:
-add skins for the sixs pups for all trucks
-updated for 1.39.x

autor of this mod:-Sergio XD
Email Adrees:[email protected]


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