Peterbilt 281-351 v 2.0 + Trailers v1.36

Find in Peterbilt (Access mod dealer)
2 cabin (Day Cab & Ultra Day Sleeper)
8 chassis (8 chassis (4 chassis are attached to the Day Cab (3 of them BDF) and 4 chassis are attached to the Ultra Day Sleeper (mainly truck)
14 engines
8 Transmission
His salon
its sounds
Its wheels
Many tuning
More than ten options for your skins
Full support for DLC Cabin Accessories
Support For Dx11

– Full adaptation for 1.36
– Updated all 3D models for the new patch, fixed bugs found and cleaned up in the log
– Adapted for Dx11
– Added support for animation of hoses for all chassis (including hoses for trailers)

Inside the archive are: Peterbilt, and trailers
Trailers are only available in Agency orders, trailers can’t be bought in ownership!

Log is clear! Version 1.36

mo3Del Truck Game (mTG), adaptation for 1.36: Phantom94


15 thoughts on “Peterbilt 281-351 v 2.0 + Trailers v1.36

  1. Have a nice game!
    Alternative link:

    1. update?

  2. Why does it not exist for ats? Would make much more sense

    1. Of course it exists… but it’s a paid mod at first. It’s been shared without permission.

  3. Rini66Arkel

    Nice truck

  4. leider auch sehr viel kaputt
    interior kein Sisl viele tote Sachen und in der Chrome.mat ist ein Fehler und ne pmg ist zu groß

  5. jayontheway228

    Предлагаю ознакомится с обзором мода
    Если понравилось — подпишись )

  6. Nice Mod, works fine- funny to drive with the old Peterbilt and the Tandem Trailer. Great work, thank you for sharing.

  7. Habe lange auf das alte Biest gewartet. Gelungene Modifikation. Da ich ein Fan des alten Films (Duell) bin, würde ich mich über den Skin davon freuen. Vielen Dank dafür.

  8. wonderful ! I hesitated about this thinking that it’s just another silly reupload of an old version, but seeing also the comments and that it hasn’t been reported yet I gave it green light.
    I had a personal update but with errors because of locked files, this one is perfect 😉
    the Mack B62 would be also great! very pity that MTG sell his trucks, he would be the greatest modder same as XBS, if his mods were free or at least cheaper 😀

  9. Cooles Teil dankeschön 😉

  10. Superbe camion, merci pour ce mod, un grand plaisir a utiliser, un vrai oldie’s. Je rejoins l’idée du mack b61 pour ets2 😉 encore merci.

  11. Mobius Ace

    Very nice mod, but not perfect. Always crashes my game when choosing any driver side hood mirror in the dealer (funnily enough, for the other side the hood mirror can be installed fine). Game log shows no obvious errors, only an “Index outside array boundaries” error.
    Also, both interior and exterior have some weird looking greenish reflections that don’t seem normal (easily noticeable in the rear fenders, and in the steering wheel).

    Other than these issues it works fine.

  12. for+ats+there+is+one+for+ats+too

  13. uppdate?

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