Piva DAF XF 105 Interior, Sound, Dashboard

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So this mods will work in 1.31 ( I’ll hope đŸ˜† )

This is pack of 3 mods
My latest dashboard for DAF XF with small fixes
– fixed position of “H” letter on fuel bar scale
– fixed DAF sound volume level. And used new feature, when I can use regular sound file (.ogg) instead of .ogv file

This is SCS sound, with small fixes for interior sound ONLY
– changed sound volume
– added bass
– changed sound of blinkers, wipers and retarder
I don’t like loud sounds.

This is dark interior with fixes of 2 material files.


DOWNLOAD 1 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 1 MB [Uploadfiles]

7 Responses to Piva DAF XF 105 Interior, Sound, Dashboard

  1. DeXterGamer says:

    What 1.31? 1.31The update did not even come out ,,release then only at the end of April

  2. piva says:

    I said, that model is not changed, so is SCS wll add new features for this truck – it will be work,

  3. Canarinho says:

    THX, nice work. Piva can you make dark interior mods for DAF E6, Scania 2012 and 16 to? There is no good mod to find. Maybe you can do it.

  4. BEAST says:

    Detailed REVIEW:

  5. amonrada says:

    thx,good work like always

  6. Nullo says:

    Thanks piva, nice mod.

  7. TStyle says:

    I can ask mod snickers on board where download pls

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