Platform Vangs open in ownership [1.37]

– Autonomous
– Acquired in ownership
– Skins are put
– Tintable
– 4 axles with steering and non-steering wheels
– Lots of custom shipments
– Advanced hitch
Game version 1.37
Authors: Vang, Simen Olsen, Design

Vang, Simen Olsen, Design


4 thoughts on “Platform Vangs open in ownership [1.37]

  1. hey,

    I tried, but It doesn’t work in version 1.37

  2. CASTANET Mendy

    its not even working with version 1.37 check before saying anything

  3. AvM Transport

    Because it’s the old version for 1.36.

    Open the .scs file,
    open the manifest.sii
    delete “compatible_versions[]: “1.36.*”

    BOOM. You have fixed for your own.

    Ah & by the way: There is nothing new. Just a reupload. It will be replace the Wielton NJ4 by Jazzycat. So still a bad pay mod, because no own folder tree.

  4. Johan Virkkunen

    Not working to 1.37 only to 1.36

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