PLB Economy v1.3 (v1.16.XX)


The information is translated into a website, you will not say.

The mod changes the experience gained and money you earn or pay, thus making the game easier.
He increased the XP earned by parking your shipment increases XP by having the cargo without damage, etc. And the XP lost cargo damage is reduced.
– You will pay less for leaving work and money lost by damage is reduced.
-Ganaras More money when you increase the skills Fragile Cargo, Route, etc.
– Payment garage enhancement is reduced to 75,000.
-You Can find workers to level 50, but the wages of workers is increased to 500.
To use the mod inicad another profile or so and you had the previous version just change it.
From now you can borrow up to 1000000.
He’s not a big change but traffic lamps will light at 19 and went out a and 7.
-The Traffic fines are as follows:
Accident: 250 €
No Sleep: € 5
Driving Contrary Address: 25 €
Speeding: € 350
No Turn on lights when it is night: € 5
Spend a Red Light: 100
Hope you like this mod, this mod will be updated only bugs and ideas.
Thanks: D: D: D



2 Responses to PLB Economy v1.3 (v1.16.XX)

  1. Vader says:

    Very, very good! But you can you do pay 011 euros per kilometer? This is the real tariff. But I know that this is impossible in this game and I hope I am wrong!

  2. PLBSTUDIO says:

    I’m going to try it.

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