Pneumatic seat V.2

Small events to simulate lift.

In fact – it is a dynamic type of camera in the cabin, similar to the movement of pneumatic seats in real life.

Set a higher priority over other modifications.


Added support for new trucks
Made softer seat

Author: Big-Russian-Bear



15 thoughts on “Pneumatic seat V.2

  1. Work with scania rjl?

    1. work in scania rjl

    2. Yes, it works with all Trucks.

    3. It should, it modifies a general SII physics file.

  2. ryuksvart

    mod is missing in the list of mods

  3. All Truck

  4. not showing up in mod list for me

  5. Not showing up in Mod Manager

  6. Not showing up in Mod Manager.

  7. If it is not showing up in Mod Manager, you need to repack the File. Just extract the files and then repack it as Zip with .scs-Ending and save as Compression method.

    1. MilanScania

      How? 🙁

  8. tant que ca marche pour Renault, tant mieux. rien a foutre de scania

  9. No SCS file!

  10. TCabScaniaMad26

    does this mean when u go over bumps the camara goes with the bumps like on some uk buses

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