Pneumatic Seat

Small events to simulate lift.

In fact – it is a dynamic type of camera in the cabin, similar to the movement of pneumatic seats in real life.

Set a higher priority over other modifications.



14 Responses to Pneumatic Seat

  1. Maestro says:

    A video would be nice…

  2. The Angel of my life says:

    Thanks for great mod mod is excellent, also it works with Rjl Scanias Thanks again ?

  3. Marc0nly says:


  4. TheGreenlightTrucker says:

    It work with all trucks.
    But rework it, please.
    It’s woop-woop to long &
    to hard after a shakey ?

  5. fer says:

    wow!! I was looking for something like this time ago!

  6. fer says:

    Wow i was looking something like this time ago!

  7. Fer says:

    Works perfectly! Improves a lot the experience!!

  8. Mako8841 says:

    Great mod! Thanks!

  9. Luis says:

    very good I like it.

  10. Cipinho says:

    good start with this idea, need a bit adjustment when pressing the brake or acceleration, the movement of the camera shall be a bit more accentuate (lean in front when braking, lean backwards when accelerating)

  11. Calileo says:

    Nice Mod, please for ATS đŸ˜€

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