Porsche Panamera 2010

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Mod Version : 1.35
Man Dealer
3 different exhaust

3 different engines

2 different ceilings

2 different wheels

1.35 Fix: Samet Arıkan



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8 thoughts on “Porsche Panamera 2010

  1. jayontheway228
  2. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.35…


  3. Hey, car very well modeled including the underside also. Possible to make tuning (wheel and roof…) in more cool. Then the plates are automatic as in the game it’s top.
    The only problem for me and that I can not exceed 60 kmh (A2) how is this done? This is the first time that it happens to me in a car mod. Thanks if anyone can help me 🙂

    1. Lucasdriver70


      The automatic gearbox do no work in this car. You must use the manual or sequential gearbox. I think your problem is here 😉

      1. Okay, thanks a lot, I’ve selected the sequential or manual gearbox in the settings but I can’t get the speeds through my keyboard how is that done? I’m sorry I’m such a lousy haha, I don’t know much about it. x)

      2. All right, I found it in the keyboard settings. Thanks you very much in the description was not to indicate that the automatic was not taken into account, I was able to put in sequential.

  4. Lucasdriver70

    Well done ! Please fix the Volkwagen Golf VI, it will be good !

  5. Please, can you fix 1.36 on this car?

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