Porsche Panamera Turbo 2010

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This is the BETA version of the mod, contains some bugs, but in the
future they will be fixed
It’s totally free to edit, just keep credits
-Ambient Occlusion
-Metal paint

It has some bugs, but will probably all be fixed in v2
Enjoy 🙂

Forza Motorsport 3, GVModding³D



21 thoughts on “Porsche Panamera Turbo 2010

  1. Video?

  2. HD Test: youtube.com/watch?v=8FooCRnHE-E

  3. HD video Test 1.26…youtube.com/watch?v=UmnpPnI1OYE&feature=youtu.be

  4. great job!
    to developers: please make some tuning to this car

    also i’d like to drive a sportcar (ferrari/lamborghini) from this developers, so if you can, make it 😉
    porshe 911 and porshe cayenne also will be good idea

  5. It’s bad thing that this car based on default Skoda superb.
    And there is a conflict, with Audi rs7 🙁
    So please make it compatible!

  6. Very good job,perfect!

  7. GRMModding

    to author: if you need help with making car standalone please contact me at Azorax Modding on facebook

    1. GVModding³D

      I need help only to make dashboard color, can you help me ?

  8. HD video Test: youtube.com/watch?v=00nvI058ZKs&feature=youtu.be

    1. Marten Keek


  9. How to activate it???

  10. Part could do Bmw g11 [7 Series] please car I really like in real life, dream about the car in ETS2

  11. TruckerMike 57

    That is a Truck Sim and no Need for speed. Envy that possession lots.

  12. Pls make honda cr-v 2015

  13. focusdriver

    PLS Can you make a Ford focus mk1 svt that Porsche is awesome vork i will be gtateful if you make that ford focus mk1 svt greetings

  14. joaoGracio

    Good model, i make many Km with the Panamera. To improve, there may be better brakes, direction-indicator lights could be seen on the floor, the dashboard can change information, and the maximum signal on the dashboard is down. For the rest, so far the best model!

  15. Tomasz_Mr

    Great model, but it could have more power than 260HP. It’s Panamera not Skoda.

  16. emmanuel issangya

    It is good guys

  17. what dealer ???

  18. DoGeMeMeXDD

    I haven’t real game

  19. Abdul Malic M. Sultan


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