Postnord Logistics Tandem Paintjob

This is a postnord paintjob for the the BDF Pack from Flemming V, If you do not have the pack then this paintjob will not work. It aslo requires higher priority over the tandem mods such as Scania RS Tandem by capital, Scania T Tandem by capital. It basically works with every tandem as long as the paintjob mod has higher priority.

Kacperth Workshop, Flemming V


4 thoughts on “Postnord Logistics Tandem Paintjob

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    POSTNORD ist doch im Mod von Flemming bereits enthalten O.o

  2. Shogoon84

    Does it work with Flemming’s BDF an the normal Trailer in Scandinavia?

    1. slm pourqoi

  3. Really great! BUT I wish it didnt replace frikkin everything! Even replaces the excavators…. Wish it only replaced some of the normal trialers

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