Powerful Reversing Lights for Trucks and Trailers v 4.0 ETS2 1.30.xx

Powerful Reversing lights for trucks and trailers v4.0 ETS2 1.30.xx

Backlight lighting for loading and unloading in the dark.

Verified on the ETS2 version

Credits: losevo58, Team Tlesgames

losevo58, Team Tlesgames


17 Responses to Powerful Reversing Lights for Trucks and Trailers v 4.0 ETS2 1.30.xx

  1. KiLLeR Modding says:


  2. Greg says:

    Nice very smart mod

  3. Angelo says:

    Thanks for this great mod! Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. dlCLeal says:

    Great idea, although it produces an ugly effect, some red squares cover the back of the truck when the reverse gear is activated! It would be very good to solve it! Thanks

  5. dlCLeal says:

    Well, it does not work so well for me, a pity! 🙁

    • losevo58 says:

      Лог игры дайте пожалуйста, разберусь в чём дело. Это конфликт модов.

      Log of the game, please, I’ll figure it out. This is a conflict of mods.

      • dlCLeal says:

        I’m waiting for you, because I like mod, and already put, maybe a little less light. 🙂 hahaha

  6. Kronzky says:

    I too, only get red squares instead of lights (see https://imgur.com/a/A8XnET0). Looks like you’re relying on some resource from another mod perhaps? (The game log complains about not finding “/model/flare/materials/flare.mat”, but the mod doesn’t contain that “materials” folder at all.)
    My game log is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15nxAFCbJLWaua2b1lCG2nGvzJJLUQBN0

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