Prefab Garage Mods v 2.0

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Tested on 1.36.x 1.37 beta version
Prefab Garage Mods V 1.1
This mod replaces the 5-seater Old European Garages
– Animated gates.
– The lighting has been rebuilt in a new way

– On the territory of the garage there is a gas station with a tanker,
two boxes for trucks, and trucks
-a telephone booth, and parking for motorcycles.


DOWNLOAD 12 MB [mirror]

13 thoughts on “Prefab Garage Mods v 2.0

  1. kann man dies auch für jede garage machen

    1. Ja, sie arbeiten gerade daran

      1. das ist sehr gut , gefällt ist toll geworden

  2. Hami Aslantaş

    where is the garage name

    1. Hangi garajin adi ne? Hami. scandinavia ülkeleri ve Türkiye,balkanlar haric tüm garajlar. garajlar aktiv v1.36-1.37 calisir.
      simdi scandinavia ülkeleri ve Türkiye,balkanlar garajlarini hazirliyorum. bitince yayinliyacagim.

  3. nportegies skins

    Too bad that the text can not be changed on the roof of the garage, many would like to use their own name or logo. All garages that can be downloaded elsewhere are possible, so most opt for the other garage.

  4. Kevin Jessop

    put the mod in but no change to the garages ?
    thank you

    1. Kevin Jessop

      thanks got it working is it only eastern Europe it works in?

  5. Trucker-Fee

    gibt es die auch für die komplette standard map und weiteren maps?

  6. Kevin Jessop

    sorry to say not all my garages will update to this mod only part of them

  7. Kevin Jessop

    do i need just the one file and or the others please

  8. Test video

  9. Hi! Is it possible to customize the garage’s logo?

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