Project Vietnam v 1.0

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This is the first version of the map and also the first time you see a mod map from Vietnam .
Based on National Road 6 across the North-West mountainside . I created this map with a high quality and details .

Works on 1.35
Require: Full DLC Map ETS2

Step 1 : Download the file
Step 2 : Extract it to 3 .zip files ( mapVN , defVN , modelVN )
Step 3 : Copy 3 .zip files to the mod folder , create a new profile , turn on 3 mods , change the game module to Map1
Step 4 : Enjoy

This is just the first version so there’re a lot off work to do . I’m working on it to fix the bugs and expand the map .

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Pham Thach


14 thoughts on “Project Vietnam v 1.0

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thanks a lot

  2. LaurentJap

    I played the map.
    – They have 3 Trucks: Daf, Man & Scania.
    – 3 citys in total
    – 150km max for mission distance.

    The map starts on good bases (the advert in Vietnamese too).

    1. Thank you , I’m still working on it . There’re a lot of cities to do in this map

  3. Dillinger Johnny

    Top Gear: Vietnam Special,this was a very interesting episode.
    Arriving at Saigon, the presenters were each given a shoe box containing 15 million Vietnamese đong to buy a vehicle with for an upcoming challenge.

    1. A legend TV show about Vietnam 😀

  4. Works On v1.36?

    1. Yes , tested on 1.36 beta

  5. yaani mb 5!! hii map ni mpya kabisa ngoja tuijalibu kama iko fresh.

    1. nakuona mbongo

  6. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.36

  7. Nice map

  8. spartacus33

    Cam’on nhieu !!!

  9. Kingsley Moeng

    Can we please have latest version 39 with development

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