Promzona 11 1.41 for the “Russian_open_spaces” Map v 11.0

PROMZONA 11 -mod for connection:

<1> PROMZONA 11_1.41_ROS_RM
“Russian Open Spaces v 11.0” + “RusMap – 2.4.2.”
This supplement connects by land the two projects “Russian Open Spaces” + “Rusmap”.
To run this modification, a mandatory presence is required:
-All DLC cards.

<2> PROMZONA 11_1.41_ROS_RM_PR
“Russian Open Spaces v 11.0” + RusMap- 2.4.2.+ ProMods-2.56.”
This application connects the three projects “Russian open spaces” + “Rusmap + ProMods.”
Mod Russian_open_spaces_41map for connecting cards not to use. Everything is included in the PROMZONA 11_ 1.41_ROS_RM_PR mod.
To run this modification, you must have
-All DLC cards.

For correct operation, mods must have a higher priority in the list of modifications.
Between the maps made an industrial zone, where there are many companies.
The mod has nothing to do with reality.

In the archive 2 mod:
Author’s link.


DOWNLOAD 41 MB [mirror]

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