Radar Detector v 1.1

This mod added radar detector (when approaching a speed camera voice warnson the radar). Powered by a standard map, Scandinavia maps, Going East, Vive La France and RusMap v1.7.1 card.
Usilen Sound of passing traffic near
Tested version 1.26.3

Zeddd, Shchumi


10 thoughts on “Radar Detector v 1.1

  1. work with mario map ?

    1. Piratxxx11

      Mario?? “think”?? 😀 this ###### stoled ***** not MAP ..kid… 😛

  2. you have permission from the author to edit the module?

    1. I allow you to edit events.

  3. What is new in this?

  4. Awesome mod. Please go on updating, I got a fine from Tempere to Helsinki !!

    1. it works only on stock assets…
      so in promods it doesen’t always work

  5. I cant find it anywhere in accessories ? under any cabin slot available

  6. No more available in stock accessories, no so performing as the previous version

  7. Do not use it unless you get problems. I threw it away.

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