Real Company Mod

Bcp – Volvo (cars)
EAcres – Chempest
EGoodies – Globus
Itcc – Texaco
Kaarfour – Carrefour
Lkw- Lkw Walter
Nbfc – Orlen
PoSpeed – FedEx
Sandbuilders – Caterpillar
Sellplan – Real
Scout – Skoda
Stokes – WeiBinger
Trade Aux – ParcelForceWolrdwide
Trameri – Agility
Transinet – Edf
Tree-Et – Stroaenso
Wgcc – Castrol

Logo of Carrefour and Real is good on trailers, but not good on building.



3 Responses to Real Company Mod

  1. Shmit says:

    С ProMods идет?

    • JoachimK says:

      I do not understand Russian, but your Question well.

      NO, you can with PM only use the Companyfiles from PM.
      Otherwise you will find grey Concrete-Towers and blocked Routes, etc. on it. I had this in January.

  2. 4004 says:

    I mean, come on, if you swap in real companies, why not choose the correct analogue?
    Scout – Skoda alright, but others are questionable

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