Real Gas Station V1.27 (UPDATE)

– Tested version 1.27.Xs
– For all DLC

* Respect the download link *

Authors: SCS, Fred_be


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30 thoughts on “Real Gas Station V1.27 (UPDATE)

  1. password?

    1. Use DART Unlocker. There is no password.

      1. I think, this answer is NOT ok. It is a very bad Tip for all Users and Modders, who working hard to make Mods and will protect them against stealing and not authorised Uploads.

        You should ask, to delete this Post !!!

    2. 1. download
      2. unzip (only once)
      3.change filename extension
      Real Gas Station =>Real Gas Station V1.27.scs

      1. I can confirm that this works!

  2. salut fred toujours super ton taf, ses quoi le passe sur ce post merci 😉

  3. Daniel5848

    Hello fred_be you will make this mod for the american truck simulator.

  4. licinio carlos de jesus milito duarte costa

    Hello fred_be you will mack your v10 for 1.27

  5. @prozac21: no password
    @daniel5848: I have not yet looked for ATS
    @licinio: It’s too long to update old mods
    Good game all 😉

  6. MarcelDutchman

    @Fred_be: several files within the zip-container are password protected.

  7. You are on Steam Workshop Real Gas Station at 1.27 to ETS2

  8. the files are password protected. fred can you help with this…

  9. Today I explain a very simple way to unlock the mods
    1- Report to everyone that you respect the rules
    2 respect for the Modders and their link and always add their name to the credits
    3- Mods will unlock automatically.

    If you have noticed with the new files.PMG, the mods have decreased
    And when ETS2 will not work the mods will be even less.
    What do you think?

  10. Francesco

    Thanks Fred_be missing this mod

  11. Compatible with ProMods (and other maps)?

  12. lol Zoso 😉
    I lock the mods because of some people who steal the mods. It’s obvious that you can unlock them you need the software to do it.

  13. icebeer75

    Herzlichen Dank könntest du Bitte noch deinen Realen Firmen mod und die Garage Updaten wäre super Danke Fred B

  14. This mod is locked the password.
    Can you reupload the without password?

  15. hristakis

    Not work in Scandinavia with ProMods, RusMap and Project Balkans !

  16. @hristakis: There is nothing that changes for the Scandinavian DLC. We need to redo the 3D.
    For the Promods trying to put the mod first, I do not know if it will work. I do not use any map other than DLC.
    @bhw2279: I lock the mods because of some people who steal the mods. It’s obvious that you can unlock them you need the software to do it.

    1. Your mod is the best but i can’t use it now because it’s locked. I used DART to remove the encription but then i get loose files. Euro Truck Simulator 2 uses .scs archives, how do i recompile the loose files? I hope you will reupload the file without encription. BTW can you upload your work to the steam workshop?

  17. J’ai pas dis la distribution du mod, j’ai dis qu’on le modifierai pas.
    Je vous demande pas de le copier faites le mod vous même.

  18. How+do+I+use+this+mod+?+It+doesnt+appear+in+my+folder.

  19. Hello,
    Pour le moment en France je ne vois que des stations BP normal ou pas ??

    1. Rookie_one

      Je crois qu’il n’a mis que des stations BP pour remplacer les Eco, au lieu de Total

  20. Rookie_one

    Question comme ça, Est-ce que le remplacement des stations Oil par des stations Statoil dans le DLC scandinavie va être fait dans la prochaine version ?

  21. Bonjour Fred_be.
    Vous êtes le premier à proposer la modification des stations en France… c’est super !
    Par contre, je suis un peu perfectionniste : il n’y à pas les panneaux de pré-visualisation (ni le petit logo affiché sur la carte). Serait-il possible d’avoir une petite modif… ou de m’indiquer où se trouve l’image dans le fichier “dlc_fr.scs” du jeu.
    En attendant : super boulot, félicitations !

  22. Your Fuel mod is the best but i can’t use it!!!, please unlock the file please! Can you upload this file also on the steam workshop?

  23. Hi Fred_be could you please advise me on how to get the password or how to unlock the file.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. ETSlover22

    Hello. What is Dart? No passcode for the file? Also why is it not scs file only? I looked inside and it has folders automat, def, prefab and etc. I don’t know where those files go. I’m new to modding my game, ets 2 I love it. but sometimes it crashes

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