Real Physics by adi2003de

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This mod is for the Physics on the Chassis, Cabin, and Accessories.
Also the physics of the Driver Seat and raindrops.

you have to activated the physical Interior Camera , also the movable Accessories
The intensity of the Camera for best adventure adjust please on 70% in your Gameplay.
The mod take Change on every Truck only with the physicals .. not the models or something …

Sorry for the old Video, but it show you how it works ?



5 thoughts on “Real Physics by adi2003de

  1. victor198134

    и где показана эта физика…. хуету сняли какую то

  2. Physics of bolt rotation from video

    1. adi2003de

      No the physics of the suspension .. 😉

  3. Sotka_GER

    I use this physics mod and I have to say (write;-)) it’s working fine for me. It is not overpowered! I also use the zfwandler. It helps to shift earlier in automatic gearbox, feels like a better accerlation and the revs are lower. Buy the way it helps to save fuel. Good job mate! I like that. The two mods are working in 1.28 too. Regards from Germany!

    1. adi2003de

      Thank you for your feedback .. i hope so that so many people have fun with my mods .. with the little opinion realistic of it …


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