Real Scania V8 Sound


Work on all Scania (RJL , SCS)
Work on all engine (v8 or not)
Work perfectly
Add sounds :
– Turbo sound (like a real turbo)
– Blinker sound
– Horn sound
– Gear air sound
– Brake air sound
– Engine brake air sound
– Start engine
– Stop engine

All this sound are real and are work on Scania

Author: RobertDRN


9 Responses to Real Scania V8 Sound

  1. 4861yeti says:

    Video ??

  2. melios says:

    Yes video pls?

  3. SlavikSD says:

    Video Scania Streamline. Part 1 – V8, Part 2 – V6

    • MilanScania says:

      There’s no scania v6 dumbass!!! V engine is only with 8 cylinders… 6 cylinders is L engine… -_-

  4. BurgerGamingDK says:

    It doesn’t work for me neither for the SCS or the RJL… The file sounds sounds good tho…

  5. Anonymous Gaming says:

    Very good thnx a lot!!!

  6. LW says:


  7. skyfall777 says:

    This is very bad and other trucks have noisy sound and after i delete the mod sound is sh*t, sorry

  8. Eu4oS5m says:

    Hello , this mod is version ?

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