Real Sound MAN TGA 18.430 D 2066 Engine voice records

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Congratulations friends happy Easter holidays,wish you all the best.With best wishes
Real sound M.A.N TG-A 18.430 E3


* Proffessional quality recording
* 100% Audio recorded by me
* Recorded exterior and interior sound
* 286 audio files Involved
* Fully autonomous sounds
* Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox, pneumatic, valves dryers, and electro-pneumatic signal and more other sounds..

Vasily EVR Engine voice records


15 thoughts on “Real Sound MAN TGA 18.430 D 2066 Engine voice records

  1. doexpectnothing

    Sharemods says “File not found”
    maybe it is again a problem by sharemods. I’ll try it later again.
    I wanna drive a TGA with this this sound! 😀

    1. I downloaded it.

    2. doexpectnothing, hello. For me all works 🙂 Happy Easter

    3. Try a diferent browser. I use Mozilla and it says file not found, but with Edge from win 10 is working 🙂 .

    4. I’m also getting “File not found” when trying to download this from sharemods.

      Not sure why though, since you others seem to have downloaded it just fine.


  3. Super “A” Sound! Kenne ich noch von früher 🙂 Danke für Deine Mühe- solltest aber noch dazu schreiben, dass man den Madster MAN A braucht. Schöne (Rest)Ostern

  4. video?

    1. klick on download- on the next side is a video

  5. cannot work of standard MAN, still default Mercedes benz actros sound

    1. Same too

      1. when i replaced the sound mod i used with this one, i got default Mercedes Actros also. i’m using MADster’s TGA and that truck does not have default mercedes sounds so something is definitely wrong

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

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