Real Traffic Density v 2.2 by Cip

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Changelog v2.2:
-latest traffic adjustments for a real density of traffic
-added new rules in traffic_lane.sii (still testing)
-reduced ratio trucks/cars to 1:2 and buses/cars to 1:10
-added Piva’s corrections of France trains (from Piva’s traffic density v4.0.2)
-added Piva’s hookup adjustments (from Piva’s traffic density v4.0.2)
works only in 1.27! updates may follow upon map updates
tested in:
-Vanilla map
-EAA map
-Eastern Express
for ProMods map please use the Real Traffic Density v2.2 for ProMods

Author: —Cipinho—
Credits: —Piva—

Cipinho, Piva


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7 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density v 2.2 by Cip

  1. Do the combine harvesters and tractors appering often in traffic in this mod ? You should get rid of those. It’s a little awkward when a harvester can be found in big city traffic (not realistic) or 2 of those you bump into on a 30 km long countryside road. Can you get rid of those by reworking their parameteres? Without those farming machineries this would be a sensationally good mod, but know it’s just not really realistic for me 🙁

  2. it’s just a coincidence, the tractor and harvester simply appear in game because I use Piva’s tractor mod (which include the harvester also) and only because I allow tractors to go in cities (a modification that I did in Piva’s mod)
    this traffic mod uses actually the minimum settings 0.05 frequency for slow vehicles so without Piva’s tractor mod there won’t be anything than a rare default scs tractor

  3. Does this work with real European componies by temiel 18?

  4. Its+a+beautiful+mod+thank+you+very+much+:)+!!

  5. I uploaded a video on youtube where you can see the traffic in Russian Open Spaces map with my mod activated
    @Janul: it works with any companies, a traffic mod is not conditioned by companies mods.

  6. It work with 1.27 with basic map from ETS2?

  7. If you have ProMods do you need both this mod and the ProMods addon to it or just the ProMods one?

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