Real Traffic Density v2.0 by Cip

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If you enjoyed my Real Traffic density v1.0 I hope you will consider this v2.0 my masterpiece! Because I wasn’t happy with some aspects in v1.1, I had to rethink the strategy therefore here is what are the changes:
changelog v2.0:
-frequency factor remastered for a better adjustment of the global density
-used integer numbers in spawn frequency which some say should eliminate license plates errors (thus in cities it’s impossible due to higher density)
-increased number of trucks which gives more real feeling on motorways and city rings
-reduced traffic gaps on motorways
-tweaked the numbers to increase the traffic density on local roads and still leave enough space for overtaking.
-it has slightly better fps than v1.0 and less LP errors (only very few in Vanilla)
I would say this v2.0 is close to perfection, I tested it many hours both on Vanilla and ProMods maps. It is also working in RusMap, Sothern Region EAA and ROS. should basically work with any other map that do not have personalized traffic sii files (just check the def file of the map).
If you do not use ProMods you can delete traffic_lane.promods.sii from def/word folder, otherwise it may cause troubles. if you use more profiles you can duplicate my mod and personalize for each profile according to the maps you use.
Enjoy Real Traffic Density v2.0!



13 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density v2.0 by Cip

  1. Excellent! Thanks!

  2. Very good job

  3. techkilla

    Super )))

  4. Denis1985

    Это лучший трафик, реалистичный и систему не грузит

  5. Lordominus

    Great mod, one of the best, thanks;)

  6. hongkongdriver

    just tried. really great!!!

  7. UKtrucker

    Does the mod have feature where other trucks overtake the player and also use both/ all the lanes on freeway and bit of overspeeding can be seen?.

  8. willy1962

    what are you using in the rightcorner ,for GPu / CPU / RAM ?

  9. thank you all! it’s encouraging to receive positive feedback 😉
    @willy: I use MSI Afterburner, you may need to read some guidelines on google how to use it…

  10. Thanks much! 🙂

  11. Thank+you+Cipinho,+best+traffic+density+mod+to+date.

  12. Legendskills

    quick question does this also work with traffic packs like jazzycats AI and trucks/bus traffic

    1. yes, it works with any ai traffic mod, in fact all my tests were performed with all jazzycat mods activated! 🙂

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