Real Volvo Logo

Real-Volvo-Logo-1 Real-Volvo-Logo-2

Tested 1.9.22 version

Author: OveRTRucK


5 thoughts on “Real Volvo Logo

  1. WHY? We have the Volvo Logo.

  2. the real logo was already ther …

    1. 0veRTRucK

      I know but one person told me that he has written Valliant instead VOLVO

      1. roadrunner

        that would be becose he is eather using an old cracked pirate copy of the game OR an OLD volvo fh mod that was made with the name Valliant on it as i had one a few weeks ago that i installed that changed the name of the Volvo FH to Valliant so i got rid of it

        1. doesent have to be pirated, i have a bug that sometimes the logo changes to valiant

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