Realistic AirBrake & StartUp Sounds Mod for all trucks


YouTube preview

Version: 1.23.x

In version v3 added:

– New AirBrakes Sound
– New Sound after “stop” engine
– New GearAir Sound
– New Blinker Sound for DAF E6
– New StartUp Sounds for:
— DAF E6
— Volvo FH 2009

Damian Aka Wilku

DOWNLOAD 119 MB [zippyshare]
DOWNLOAD 119 MB [sharemods]

4 thoughts on “Realistic AirBrake & StartUp Sounds Mod for all trucks

  1. This is not Realistic MB brake and gear change sound

  2. honestly what kind of video preview was that? you demonstrated 3 trucks with the most annoying air gear sound ever to be in sound mods, you say the DAF E6 has new blinker sound which you didn’t demonstrate, the startup is exactly the same. and the volvo startup is originally from a GTS/UKTS sound mod. tbh, its only the volvo startup that makes this mod have a little decency. thanks for sharing though, how ever i wont be downloading.

  3. No engine sound for all truck ?

  4. PL… update auf neue version

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