Realistic Building Lights v2.2

This mod reduces the brightness and the number of windows that are lit on buildings at night to produce a more realistic effect.

Works with maps.

Compatibility latest version: 1.28, 1.27

If you are using Frosty Winter Mod or Tropical Environment this mod must be placed below them in Mod Manager.

Changes in v2.2
More French buildings added



7 Responses to Realistic Building Lights v2.2

  1. Kriistof says:

    Thanks 😉

  2. mike says:


    • JoachimK says:

      Sharemods is fast to download, may be is your Internet Connection…

  3. BillyZeKat says:

    i do place this mod before, or after the BlackStorm’s HD Sky mod ?

  4. Sotka_GER says:

    I like this mod! Great! Thanks for update!

  5. FilMit says:

    Is there no update in Steam? …

  6. Michiel says:

    I subscribed also to this mod on steam. it will be nice if you can update it there too!

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