Realistic Dark/Light Hours

Realistic Dark Light Hours

Dusk/Full dark starts earlier and dawn/full light starts later

Author: Castmin01


8 thoughts on “Realistic Dark/Light Hours

  1. BobTruck56

    Realistic… It depends of the time of year and the country you’re living. But thanks for the mod. By changing some data of your files, it will allow everyone to adjust the time to their needs.

    1. Castmin01

      True, although I didn’t think it getting dark at 11 pm and getting light at 4 am was realistic either.

      To change parameters go into both nice_ and bad_weather.sii files and you can edit the times there. Currently they are:

      start_hour: 22
      end_hour: 6

      start_hour: 7
      end_hour: 8

      start_hour: 9
      end_hour: 10

      start_hour: 11
      end_hour: 12

      start_hour: 13
      end_hour: 15

      start_hour: 16
      end_hour: 17

      start_hour: 18
      end_hour: 19

      start_hour: 20
      end_hour: 21

      1. how to edit that ??
        and where to find weather.sii file ???

  2. Thank you very much for this mod. It adjust the daylight/night time hours perfectly! 😉

  3. I put your mod in the mod folder and activated it and it doesnt seems to work…any idea why? even with zzzzz added..

    1. nvm i think this mod bugged with another one

  4. Please always include in description for which versions of the game will this mod work. Thank you

  5. how can i edit sunrise and sunset?

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