Realistic Driving Physics Mod

Forget all the physics modes you know
– Improved physics of suspension, transmission, brakes, air seat, cameras in the cabin.
– I added a residence permit for the lackeys.
– Added a track: Freightliner FLB.
– Corrected the transverse swing.
– Changed the weighting of the axles (center of gravity).
– Changed the course of the suspension, the work of shock absorbers.
“I modified the pneumatic seat.”
– Changed traction, rolling, wind resistance.
– I tested 460 hp on engines. Average speed with a load of 20 tons. 90 – 110 km / h.
– Feel the lifts, cargo.
– Adjust the steering wheel’s sensitivity in the settings.
– Adaptation in v1.35 and higher



10 thoughts on “Realistic Driving Physics Mod

  1. Hi, do we have to open a new profile for this mod ?

    1. It’s a physics mod, not a map.

  2. Just looked at it… how can this be for v1.35 when it’s from 2017?

  3. виталя

    why not Scania S ???

  4. Аfter installation the game crashes

  5. gelbero is a mod thief!

    1. Yes, that´s right ! And he has a Lot of Names… 🙁

      1. Link to the author please

  6. benz Is there a link to the author?

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