Realistic FOV


This mod changes the FOV of all the cameras in the game to a 45° angle, for that touch of realism.


DOWNLOAD 453 KB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 453 KB [sharemods]

5 thoughts on “Realistic FOV

  1. willemhaapsalu

    Fake! Alsoundmod by Wembo. Only 3 sound file for ai. Author please replace the file and upload mod.

  2. use this mod + [MOD-ETS2] Seat adjustment no limits
    delete cams folder and get good seat =)

  3. Not working with DAF E6 by Ohaha out-of-the-box, for making things work again is important open Ohaha’s mod and remove folder def/camera or backup it somewhere. Just move it away from DAF’s SCS file

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