Realistic Rain Reflections & Low visible Rain Stripes for ETS2 1.26x

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Realistic Rainreflections & low visible Rainstripes Ver1 for ETS2 1.26x and above

Changes from the original ETS2 Game

– Edited Rainstripes and Decreased Visibility of them by around 50%
– Rain Reflections Strength is increased around 5x times
– Increased lifetime of Raindrops on the windshield of around 50%
– Increased maximum Raindropcount on windshield from 5000 Drops to 8000
– Autoblink OFF is set to 20% instead of 27% of th steering wheel range (especially useful for steerings wheel with 900° steering Range)
– Increased outside Traffic audio volume from 5% to 15%


– Download Mod from link
– Unzip Mod to the ETS2 Mod Directory
– activate it in the Mod Manager and put it in a higher Priority
– Have Fun!

Greetings OptionalJoystick



5 thoughts on “Realistic Rain Reflections & Low visible Rain Stripes for ETS2 1.26x

  1. Thank’s .. Nice .. I have a question, it’s work on “ProMods” .. Not at a home in this time, I try it on four days .. Thank’s men ..

    1. OptionalJoystick

      Well i have not tested it with promods, but it should work. However, i can confirm it works with the tsm mods.

  2. Thanks 🙂 Compatible with other Graphic Mods ?

    1. OptionalJoystick

      it should work with graphics mod, too as long you put realistic rainreflection mod in a higher priority in the mod manager. i for example use a modified version of piva’s weather mod but it has a lower priority in the mod manager.

  3. OptionalJoystick

    Here is a better video that demonstrates how the rain falling does look, it doesn’t look like rainstripes anymore and they are half transparent.

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