Realistic Rain v 3.2

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Realistic Rain v3.2 [Update 05-02-2020]

– Better resolution textures & many tweaks for water particles
– Small tweaks for windshield effects
– Better sound rain & thunders sounds
– Added more numbers of thunder sounds
– Improved values of rain.mat file
– Addon for thunders sounds updated

This mod does not use the file “game_data.sii” , but include “int_sound_config” file Realistic Rain use this values for sound level:
interior_sound_volume: 0.20
interior_sound_pitch: 0.99


– All DLC’s & Mods Maps (ProMods, RusMap etc..)
– No errors in game log
– Weathers/Graphics Mods: RGM, ProjectNG, NaturaLux etc.
– Seasons Mods by Grimes (Autumn, Spring, Summer etc..) but I do not recommend use with Frosty Winter (you will see rain and not snowflakes)



6 thoughts on “Realistic Rain v 3.2

  1. EvgenKo423

    So why having different versions for Steam and non-Steam?

  2. Darkcaptain

    EvgenKo423: Differents effects & textures for water particles.
    Workshop does not accept ‘automat’ files and I don’t know how to fix it.


  3. Philippe

    So what is best??? SCS or Steam version???

    1. Philippe: Non-Steam Version

  4. Emanuel QP

    Is it normal that I didn’t hear the thunder inside the cabin? And if not, how could I solve it?
    I have the latest version

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