Realistic Transmissions v 1.4


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This mod will add a number of new transmissions as well as include reconfigured versions on the original transmissions that SCS has on trucks. Transmissions for the following trucks are included: Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo.

I do apologize some users that haves MAN, Iveco, DAF or Renault as their favourite truck and that this mod doesn’t include any changes to their transmissions.

I made this mod for M-B, Volvo and Scania as they seem to be the 3 most favorite truck brands in the game, and the rest of the trucks will have more options in future versions. My plan is to first make the transmissions compatible with the base game trucks and then for truck mods.

And no, I will NOT make a transmission mod, which will give you 400km/h or above top speed, because that would be extremely ridiculous and pointless, since the thing in this mod is realism.

For the differential and gear ratios, I have used manufacturer-specific PDF sheets, that I have found from the Internet.

The mod will include the following transmissions;

Mercedes-Benz (works on both Actros trucks):

– PowerShift G330-12 (12-speed, with and without retarder)
– PowerShift G280/G281-12 (in-game default, slight changes made to the gear ratios)
– PowerShift G280-16 (16-speed, with and without retarder)

Scania (works on both R-series trucks):

– Opticruise GR875 (8-speed, with and without retarder)
– Opticruise GRSO925 (in-game default, reconfigured gear ratios)
– Opticruise GRS905 (14-speed, with and without retarder)
– Opticruise GRSO905 (14-speed, with and without retarder)

Volvo (works on both FH-series trucks):

– VTO2814B (14-speed, with and without retarder)
– i-Shift ATO3512D (in-game default, reconfigured reverse gear ratios)

New in v1.2: MAN TGX

– ZF AS Tronic (in-game default, reconfigured gear ratios)
– ZF AS Tronic 16 – AS 2230 TD (16-speed, with and without retarder)

New in v1.4: DAF XF & Mercedes-Benz

– ZF AS Tronic (in-game default, reconfigured gear ratios)
– ZF AS Tronic 16 – AS 2230 TD (16-speed, with and without retarder)
– PowerShift G221-12 (12-speed, with and without retarder)

Author: mbman212


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  1. ei taida toimia rjl kaaniassa?

    1. ШТА????

  2. does it work with rjl scania r

  3. put the mod on Steam workshop and you will get lots of fans 😀

  4. Ruslan180

    этот мод пойдёт на версию игры

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  6. Ruslan180

    this mod will go to the version of the game

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