Realistic Weather for ETS2 1.28.x by BlackStorm

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This climate mod is based on the Piva Weather Mod but with some added improvements such as:

– Mod adapted to 1.28.x version of Euro Truck Simulator 2
– Removed obsolete files
– Reworked all sky textures – now are in HD
– New lights for the IA traffic
– Darker Nights

This mod is compatible with any map (ProMods, RusMap, Southern Region Map, TSM)

Some features of the model are:

– 62 high-resolution sky textures
– 13 types of weather during the day
– 12 types of dawn
– 13 types of sunset
– 14 types of evening
– Several types of night
– No Bloom
– Shadows of clouds
– Realistic colors
– Variable weather


– Enable HDR
– Enable color correction
– This mod must be in first position in the list of active mods

Tested on the game version




12 thoughts on “Realistic Weather for ETS2 1.28.x by BlackStorm

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Nice Mod
    HD Video Test 1.28…

    1. What the flare mod you used when make this video?

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        I do not understand tell me in which video minute

  2. What about skybox textures? No more visible ugly pixels just like in previous verison?

  3. Thanks for the update. Same excellent mod

  4. homerlvsbeer

    Thankyou this is brilliant. i love it.

  5. Thanks+for+the+update.+Same+excellent,excellent,+very+excellent+mod!!!

  6. I had some troubles with this mod. I put it as high as possible in loadorder and this mod messed with the Scania headlight (Both SCS and RJL’s Scania mods) the “sidelights” in the Headlights got a red missing texture box and I know it was this mods that made it because the no texture box dissapeared when I deactivated this mod.

    1. i also have this problem. please fix it, i love your mod!!!

  7. Felix Cheung

    I have the same problem, the headlight of my SCANIA R580 truck is not working, it shows me texture not found and got a red square, could you fix that please ?

  8. Francesco

    @Blackstorm also a problem with position lights on Scania Rjl comes out of a red square with missing texture! Can it be solved ?? Game Version 1.28

  9. Thanks man

    Great Mod Appreciate your work

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