Volvo combo pack (RED)


Red Skin for Volvo FH 2012 Truck and Chereau Trailer

Author: fayee


7 thoughts on “Volvo combo pack (RED)

  1. Do you like Scania?

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  2. Scania Lover

    When are you going to do another skin for Scania?

    You’re doing an amazing Job with these combo skins! 🙂

    1. thanks… do you have some ideas?

      1. Scania Lover

        Maybe with the griffin on the truck and trailer? Color whatever?

        You make AMAZING! skins, I’m so glad you’re sharing it.



          like this?

          very hard to make a combo skin , haha
          i’ll upload when i have new works
          thanks for support!

  3. Ciao Fayee. I found the new v.1.0.2 if you’re interested
    the link you find in the comments of this: http: //


    1. thankyou , he is very pro

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