Reefer Container Cargo Pack V2.2 by Satyanwesi ETS2 1.38

Hello friends,
This is a Reefer Container cargo pack mod for ETS 2.
This pack includes 40ft Reefer Containers of top
Real shipping companies all around the globe.
Both, Freight market and Cargo market for owned trailer Jobs are available.
Freight market Note:
If some container look blank that you want to take as a job
then visit the company click the gear icon in
the thumbnail and choose appropriate container.
Compatible Ownable Trailer for Cargo Market note:
Supported Ownable Trailer Chassis(upgrade those in order to get Cargo market job):
**For Standard Container Carriers Chassis: 3 axles, Flexible, 40ft Chassis & apply Blue paint on it.
**Krone Box Liner chassis: 3 axles, Extendable, 40ft Chassis.
**Standard Flatbed Trailer: Upgrade Chassis to “Floor with container Pins” & apply Red or Green paint on it.
40ft Reefer are Listed below:
APM Maersk, APL, CAI, CMA CGM, Cosco, Cronos, Evergreen, Hamburg Sud, Hanjin, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai, K Line, Matson, MSC, NYK Line, ONE, OOCL, P&O NedLloyd, Pacific Internationals Ltd(PIL), Safmarine, Seaco, Triton,
UASC, Yang Ming & ZIM.
1. Added +10 variants of new 40ft Reefers.
2. Added 20 types of AI traffic Containers.
3. Design improvements on every container. New look on several containers.
4. Cargo Market Job ui icons added.
And much more.
Supported Game version: 1.38 only.
No support for 1.37 due to AI traffic changes.

If you like my work and want to help by donating
here is my paypal:

Thank you.

Satyanwesi, m1keY


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14 thoughts on “Reefer Container Cargo Pack V2.2 by Satyanwesi ETS2 1.38

  1. Arrange, the container on the trailer is not visible … it is Invisible …

  2. fixing the container is invisible.

  3. Satyanwesi

    Please choose the correct chassis.. that is mentioned in instruction.

    1. sorry, now it works! it is important to select the right trailer.

      1. Satyanwesi

        Yeah. There is some bug with mods studio 2 .. not all chassis are supported currently.

  4. raymond larsen

    please make mod without ai traffic.
    there is too many in traffic

  5. Satyanwesi

    Just delete that traffic file storage .sii file from mod archive that is in def/vehicle folder

  6. Toni Macaroni

    Is it possible that i see in the freight market a container job and the icon gives me only the trailer without the container..when i choose the job i just drive the trailer around :s If i dissable the mod the problem is i the only one with this problem ?

    1. Satyanwesi

      Please choose the correct chassis upgrade. that is mentioned in instruction. And read freight market note for god sake.

  7. blueblood

    I removed. All drivers with these loads work in minus!

  8. Turboiron

    I removed. All drivers with these loads work in minus!

    1. Satyanwesi

      Now that’s a thing I don’t know why this is happening. I upaldated every possible thing in this one. May be you should try Arnooks pack.. Sorry there man.

  9. Kimsw2007

    Is 1.39 also supported?

  10. here is a default scs reefer container mod available for ATS. That one unlocks the default hidden reefer container.

    Can anyone port it to ETS2?

    The container carrier trailers are a bit left out IMO

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