Renault Fluence

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2009-2013 variants
4 rims
Mettalic color
Gauages / mirrors / wipers are working
Cabin DLC
Cabin LED
Full HQ interior and exterior

Iveco gallery
You can enable cabin Led with O key
Only works Mettallic color



trzpro, Hüseyin Kutluturkan, Kağan Göktürk, BurakTuna24, İlker Ceyhan


22 thoughts on “Renault Fluence

  1. Please auto Nascar

  2. Full HD Complete Test video please watch here-

  3. Scooby123


  4. Please, make a modification to the Fiat Punto car

  5. FoxOnTheBox

    Very nice car mod, Lovely model and interior! Handles very well compared to alot of other car mods out there. Has a few customisable options for you to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

    HD Video test

  6. please do not lock scs file!

    1. Why? We don’t give permission to editing.

  7. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  8. RebelCopyrights

    I dont know if this bug cause my PC but the car lights are sometime yelow or green,purple and black and I cant see the reflectors !
    But sometimes it looks like on the picture and I can see the reflectors what cause this problem ? Im using version

    1. Truppen oo

      The car is for 1.28

  9. I have the same problem

  10. Can you make a 1.5 or 2.0 version of this car with colour correction please ?

    1. RebelCopyrights

      I found the solution!
      Make sure you have the texture quality on HIGH I had it on Medium and that caused that 😀 so the model is now even more better!!!

  11. Alas! a fully modeled car, excellent works fellas, 5 stars

  12. phoenixTR

    TR : Kardeşim oyun çöküyor sebebi nedir? Herkes oynamış bi ben oynayamadım 😀

    1. Kardeşim sürümün düşük olabilir sürümünü yükseltmen lazım 🙂
      En az 1.27 olması gerek

  13. Make Ser Renault Latitude.

    1. Please make the Renault Latitude as well.
      I’m gon na fix this car.

      1. Please make the Renault Latitude as well.
        Please gon na fix this car.

  14. Doesn’t work with Passat B8

  15. good+mod+Thank+you.

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