Renault Major 1990-1996


The authors of the original vertices: Paffalek, KarolDriver,
Konvert, edit, definitions: Antique
Sounds used Kru129
Thanks for Ekualizer for help in correcting errors Smile
Thanks also are due to Robertas14, which improved animations Smile.

Interior – yes.
Anims – yes.
Tuning -yes.
Sounds – yes.


12 thoughts on “Renault Major 1990-1996

  1. Where is my original description? Please change it for original with links to my account YT and my fanpage.

    1. PLEASE ! PLEEEAAAASSEEEEEEE ! Make an update from your work for 1.39 ! all modders who stolen your work made horrible trucks with GPS and horribles engines sound (cyrus the virus, Taha Inanli, ………) GOD HELP US, kill them and give us the real Major from Antique !!!!
      P.S. : a GPS IN A MAJOR !!!????? WHATTTTTTTT !

  2. its standalone?

  3. Truck is standalone.

    p.s.: Why do some mods work in older game versions and some don’t (like this one)? And all are 1.8.x tested…

  4. this is official video of this modification.

  5. @dr_jaymz

    its standalone. its a beta version? still have some bugs (mirrors, screenshield, dashboard lights and animations, shadows)

  6. Volvodriver

    Wow!! this truck is amazing! Brings back good memory’s we used to have them at our company. We had 2 majors from 1993 with the thick steering wheels and REALLY comfortable chairs. we had a lot of electronical difficulty’s with it though:P and when you used the blinkers they wont go out by themselves haha very fast truck to we made it to 135 KP/H did it in my pants:D definatly downloading yours thank you! guys like you keep the game interesting! Greetings from Holland

  7. Volvodriver

    can you also make the tags on the door wich indicate the amount of horsepower? And there are some bugs in the interior but wow! i hope to see this project make good progress. Again thanks!

    1. Hey dude,can i edit this mod?for repair some small bugs and add metallic color,paint job,Lightmask & Tuning Parts for interior & exterior ??

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