Renault Premium I


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An updated version of Renault Premium
Truck got:
-detailed chassis

-addapted to 1.23
-fixed mirrors
-redone AO
-redone lightmask


Daniil, SheryO, D9DbKO, ventyres

DOWNLOAD 59 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 59 MB [uploadfiles]

4 thoughts on “Renault Premium I

  1. Looks nice outside, I am guessing interior is the same as on all gen1 Premiums, low res gauges and all that?

  2. please fix the speedometer!

  3. Joe the gamer

    There is also an old mod, Renault Premium by [email protected]_1996, Mr. Green and Maks Ponomarev, this one: When i saw that mod i said ”what a cool mod”, because it has a TON variants of cabin, chasis and tuning parts.I have 1.23 version, and when i installed that mod, every time i went to a Renault truck dealer, my game crashed. I said it was because of Solaris36’s Magnum Pack ( a conflict between the mods ), so I created a new profile and activated only that the old Renault Premium mod. THE SAME CRASH WHEN I WENT TO A RENAULT DEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it happens because the Renault Premium mod is adapted to patch I WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF SOMEONE CAN ADAPT THAT MOD TO 1.23 because i’m unable to fix this at the moment (i’m busy) 🙁 PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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