Renault Premium reworked Stock Sound

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As i said in my previous video, i was working on a Renault Premium stock sound.
it’s available today for you to use.
In this mod, I have reworked the stock Renault Premium sound. Most of the engines sound files are the SCS ones, but i have re-synchronized the whole sound mod, and added some new sounds, like the horn, air brakes, blinkers. etc…
The auto gear box shifting has also been improved.

Enjoy !

Video :

Kriechbaum, SCS


6 thoughts on “Renault Premium reworked Stock Sound

  1. kriechbaum

    This version is for the SCS stock Premium (the other link is for the Reworked Premium by Schumi).

    Link of the sound mod for thr SCS Premium:

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  3. FoxOnTheBox

    Great work kriechbaum!

    HD Video tested on 1.28

  4. I like this sound much, my big thanks to kriechbaum.

  5. Θανασης Πανωρης

    can we have a sound for renault magnum too

    1. GreenGuy1801

      I wish!!! Open pipe even!

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