Renault Range T Sound Mod v 2.0

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This will be my last sound mod because of health problems, I have reworked the sound files from version one to a more realistic and more balanced sound, a big thanks to Kriechbaum for the basic sounds and abasstreppas who correct the clicks in the sound files.

leen abasstreppas kriechbaum SCS


5 thoughts on “Renault Range T Sound Mod v 2.0

  1. Hi Leen.

    Wish you all the best. Hope you get well soon!!!

    Thank you for the mods you shared with us. Thx!

    1. Aleksey73

      Выздоравливай братан.

  2. Thanks for you kind words Frankie.

  3. Hello Leen. i wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and hope your back soon with your excellent mods

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful mods Leen!!! I wish you all the best!!!

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