Renault T Addons v2 1.37

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Changelog: v2

☑Added Low Chasis 4×2
☑Added Low Chasis 6×2
☑Added New İnterior Beige
☑Added Front Glass sticker
☑Added Front Logo 6 color option
☑Added Front Botomgrill
☑Added Front Bumper paint
☑Added Front Mudflap
☑Added Frontgrill lowcab
☑Added Rear bumper 3 variant
☑Added Rear Exhaust
☑Added Rear Chs Cover
☑Added Rear Mudflap
☑Added R Deflector 3 variant+slot
☑Added Rear Backlight
☑Adapted 2 skin (thanks Kriistof General Lee)
☑Adapted Route 66 skin Blade1974
☑Added Front Bumper paint
☑Added Front bumber light
☑Added Front botomgrill
☑Added Frontgrill
☑Added Front fender paint
☑Added Rear fender paint
☑Added Miror paint
☑Added Roofgrill
☑Added New Rearmudflaps
☑Added new Sunvisor
☑Added new Stoneguard
☑Added new Sunshield
☑Added Windowtrim
☑Added Doorstep light
☑Added Stickers
☑Added Rear bumper
☑Added intbacklight
☑Added Filter Paint
☑Adapted Tuning pack 1.37

Tested 1.37x

Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.



20 thoughts on “Renault T Addons v2 1.37

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.37

  2. Lowering the windows when viewing from the cabin does not work. Outside view is OK.

  3. Test video 1.37

  4. Barbarkral


  5. been waiting for this…AWESOME

  6. izzomania

    function also for v 1.36

  7. izzomania

    but to extract this requires the password

    1. Blade1974

      gerek yok dostum direk onu at mod dosyana

  8. Thanks for this update, will the lights for the steps arrive on all trucks?

    1. Blade1974

      yes zoso soon thanks

      1. Thanks to you, you are always very kind to answer,
        sorry but they are not required, only ideas and I don’t want to take time from people I know the work of the Modders.

  9. The windows in cabin view don’t get raindrops on them??? so when raining there is no rain on the windows and the wiper doesn’t do anything

    1. Blade1974

      hi squirrel vehicle/truck/interior/anim.pmd
      soon my fix releases, respect

  10. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.37….

  11. hi no view of the rearview mirror in the cabin

  12. Hey Blade – thank you for this package, but unfortunally my (v. 4.21 says: “unknown error”) won’t open the customizable background lights so that I can customize it – any idea for a solution?

    with best regrads and in advance,

    ([email protected])

    1. …aaah! My bad:
      I’ve confounded your addon with the one from SIL’s – sorry, pal!

      best regards and respect for your work!

  13. sieziemTeam


  14. maj du mods 1.41 merci

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